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The effective habit changer

Habit Changer is a combined online workshop, personal handbook and 56-day structured journal. The content and techniques are based on advanced behavioural techniques. The Habit Changer is a clear step-by-step route to self-development and permanent habit change

  • Concise understanding of what habits are, why we have them and how to control them
  • Easy to use structured day-by-day routine
  • Therapeutically proven to work
  • Creates an expectation of success and completion
  • Builds your self-belief and self-esteem
  • Constant support from our team of experts

Combined Course, Handbook and Journal

The course, the handbook and the journal all work together to give the reader the very best support during the process of changing habits. In the first part of the course, we explain and illustrate;

  • habits and behaviours, and their implications
  • the benefits of journaling the change in your habits
  • why this combined toolkit it is so effective in unblocking habits that are holding you back

The Power of Structured Journaling

Included in the Habit Changer is 56 days of structured journal pages, summaries and checklists for you to complete and reflect upon, helping you towards who and where you want to be.

This journey gives you much more than loose guidelines, it takes you by the hand, week by week through the 56-day journey initially identifying and accepting your negative habits, understanding them and finally changing them. It also shows you how to create new and positive habits and behaviours.

A 56-day journey to permanent change

This course, including the handbook and journal has been specifically written and designed using proven therapeutic techniques and harnessing the well-documented benefit of journaling to manufacture habit change.

Simply put this is a practical, no-frills exercise in habit change, converting those bad habits holding you back, into good habits which help you get to who and where you want to be - permanently.


"I'm excited to get this home and share it with some friends who are needing some support with life." "I know it works and can highly recommend" CP Scotland

"Working from home I found every way I could to distract myself rather than work. The Habit Changer helped me realise what I was doing and how to change it. I have not looked back since..." MD Dorset

"I didn't realise how many negative habits I had and how they stopped me moving forward, I loved working through the Habit Changer, it is comprehensive and easy to use and it works, full marks, excellent!" TW Bournemouth

"This isn't an empty journal, it's actually 56 days of well laid out pages to complete once you finish the handbook and guide at the beginning. It's enlightening to understand and now improve my "bad" habits one at a time." JC Bournemouth

Ready to Change your Habits?

Capitalise on your good habits and improve the bad ones. Turn your habits and behaviours to your advantage.