Bad habits that can waste your valuable time.

If we want to change our habits to be happier, healthier and wealthier (I hate corny phrases like this but they work) then we need to take stock of what we are doing, how much time we are taking, and decide what we should be doing to achieve our goals, and when. Part of this process is looking at how we spend out time.

If we are honest with ourselves, how many of us keep falling into the trap of time-wasting bad habits. How easy is it to spend hours on a video game,  or on Facebook, or binge watching a series on Netflix? All of these things are addictive. We do need a balance though between enjoyment, relaxing and switching off, and how effective, productive and timely we are. Get that balance wrong and we start to procrastinate and not get things done.

The problem with many mindless activities is that they are, well, mindless. They waste our time, we lose our sense of time, and we often spend a lot longer on these activities than we realise. Occasionally they can be so mindless that the enjoyment just goes out of them, and then we regret wasting our time on them.

Here are some of the habits we do that could be described as mindless, and can cause us to procrastinate…

  1. spending too much time on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, (Some people are now being treated for Facebook addiction!) entertaining blogs, etc.
  2. running errands in rush hour
  3. watching commercials, infomercials, and advertisements (I rarely watch TV live anymore, I record and play back, fast forwarding through the adverts)
  4. worrying about spam comments, negative reviews, gossip and trolls
  5. watching ‘reality television’
  6. going to the shopping centre to window shop, not for any specific need – just recreational shopping (wasting both time AND money)
  7. overindulging on Netflix and Amazon Prime
  8. on-line, console, PC and video games
  9. finishing a book you hate, just because you feel you ought to.
  10. watching endless random cute cat, dogs, and prank videos on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  11. worrying – fretting about things that could go wrong – why, it hasn’t happened yet – deal with it IF it happens
  12. trying to change other people opinions
  13. chasing things like small amounts of money, how about writing off thatmoney and the time it would take to recover it, and instead spend that time and effort on growing the business and income

Time is one of your most valuable assets. Unfortunately, once spent cannot be reclaimed – so, obviously, it is important to spend it wisely.

I hope you have found this article a bit of a thought provoker, and you will find the above examples useful along your habit changing journey, hopefully with our Habit Changer. (Download the free guide or visit our shop)

If you want to share some of the things you waste time on and/or what you are doing instead to give you more time and changing your habits please feel free to add a comments below.

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