Simple daily habits to help be smarter

Becoming smarter and more successful takes only a little effort and some perseverance. One way of doing this is to develop simple daily habits to become and work smarter. Research suggests the following simple habit changes you could make each day….

  1. Get up a little earlier to start the day off well, and not in a rush, spend that time getting your mindset right
  2. Read more, read at least one chapter in a book
  3. Read one or more newspapers, maybe online if not in print
  4. Come up with new ideas each day – maybe keep a written journal
  5. Ask yourself questions and follow them up
  6. Try and learn something new every day – visit your favourite knowledge sources, try a podcast, maybe keep a journal of what you learn
  7. Put what you learn into practice
  8. Share what you learn with other people, maybe face to face or on social media
  9. Stimulate your mind, take online course, play smart games
  10. Subscribe to sources of interesting information, feeds, newsletters etc.
  11. Engage with other people, talk to someone you find interesting
  12. Spend time with people who you think are smarter or more successful than you
  13. Play devils advocate, not just with other people but also with yourself
  14. Do something outside of your comfort zone, maybe even something scary
  15. Explore new ideas
  16. Spend time on an engaging hobby that you can spend time on every day
  17. Do a little exercise and try to eat as healthy as possible
  18. Start a ‘stop doing list’ and keep it up to date
  19. Keep a daily “I did this” list, a journal of some sorts
  20. Reflect, be mindful, and even meditate – even for just a few minutes each day
  21. Take a ‘time out – Set aside some time to do absolutely nothing – take breaks to re-energise, maybe even take a nap!

Adopting some if not all of these simple daily habits will have a positive effect on you and your ‘headspace’ or ‘mindset’. I have seen the difference it makes in people who “switch themselves on” and wake up to being, behaving and performing better  rather than mentally put their hands-in-their-pockets and shuffle along from day to day.

Tip: For those of you using our “Habit Changer handbook and journal or our habit changing toolkit (more) then how about adding some of the above suggestions to your “habit triangle” and “choose to win” sections, maybe even in your “letter to self” and make it part of your 56 day habit changing journey.

So how much better can you make today and tomorrow before you spend them?






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