“Eye-opening” Fareham Workshop | 27 Mar

So pleased with our Habit Changing Workshop which took place at the lovely Lysses House Hotel in Fareham this week.

“These happy bunch completed their workshop and starting their journey to changing their lives by changing their bad habits.
Looking forward to working with you guys during your 8 weeks journey. Click here for more info – bit.ly/habitchangerwelcome”

A big thank you to all of you who attended, for your participation, discussion, and excellent feedback. The workshop summarised what had been previously covered in the seminar, and went on to look at key areas in more depth with discussion, examples, and exercises.

  • What are habits, how do they work and why do we have them?
  • Turing our habits to our advantage
  • Primary and feeder habits
  • Self-belief and right minds, choosing to win or lose
  • Habit triangles, CBT, PAC and Transactional Analysis

Our existing habit changers shared with the new delegates how useful they have found the handbook, journal and follow-ups and the differences it has made to them.

“Such an eye-opening evening! As a therapist and health trainer, I have spent my life helping others to change their habits for better health! It has been beautiful and rewarding but now I realise what is holding me back and I can’t wait to make the changes so I can leap forward and be a better therapist and a better person!” Nicole Sakarra

“I’m really excited about starting the journal. Having suffered from drug addiction for 17 years and having many bad habits from continually fixing my feelings with drugs, lack of self-belief and self-hatred.  Although I’m 27 months clean and sober I’ve noticed that I still have many habits that more often than not put me in pain. Since doing the workshop and by doing the journal it will change my life in more ways then, I and finally see a way out of all my negative habits and become a better person once again.” Ben Hornsby

For those of you who couldn’t make the date, we look forward to seeing you at the Bournemouth workshop on 26th April. If you haven’t booked yet you can do so via our calendar page.

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  1. Thanks for the testimonials Nicole and Ben. welcome compliments from a mental health practitioner and someone who has really turned his life around – Inspiring.

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