Good habits for the weekend

Helpful weekend habits to prepare for the week ahead

Have a slow morning.
Don’t rush to get out of bed and, when you do, make yourself your favourite breakfast – you’ve earned it after last week.

Write a to-do list for the week ahead.
If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed because there is so much to do, this will give you a clear vision of what’s to come.

Schedule things in your calendar.
After writing your to-do list, grab your planner or calendar and set appointments with those tasks on the days and times you want to get them done.

Meal preperation.
So many people now save time and money and reduce stress by preparing breakfasts, lunches and even evening meals for the coming days.

Plan your wardrobe.
Again, planning, if not laying out your clothes to match your events each day will save you time and worries in the mornings. And maybe give you a little more snooze time each morning.

Make time for self-care.
The weekends are a great time for getting some “me-time” in and resetting yourself for the week ahead.

Go to bed early.
Well maybe not on Saturday night, but definitely on Sunday evening. It’s important to have a good night of sleep and recharge the batteries so you can have enough energy to tackle the week ahead.

Would you like to add to this list with your helpful habits? If so just add them to the comments below. 


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