How it works

The format and structure of the course are based on the concept of breaking down the supporting behaviours of your negative habits and building new structures for positive habits.

Once the reader has identified the problematic habit that needs to be addressed or the goal of a new habit the process shows them how to look at the supporting behaviours that allow the habit to exist and thrive.


Putting it all together

Rather than attempt to attack the main habit on its own the book shows how the reader can recognise and attack eight separate supporting behaviours. With a different one to be curtailed or created each week, the negative habits support system begins to disappear and the positive construct of a new habit begins to appear.

The process of journaling creates a subconscious awareness of repetitive behaviour, separate to the old pattern. This in turn also allows the supportive behaviour to change and for the reader to consciously succeed in a task every week, thereby creating a very real positive self-belief. It is belief itself that will enable the long-term change.


Changing Habits - One at a time

In summary, changing small behaviours over a structured period, writing about them and feeling the changes however small allows belief in the process, as the list of supporting behaviours are changed, so the major habit changes.

The good habit of change, discipline and positive repetition
changes mindsets, habits and lives.

5 simple steps to permanent habit change

  1. Purchase and create your profile
  2. We post you the hard copy handbook and structured habit changing journal with login details, instructions, etc.
  3. You start the online course together with the hard copy, at your own pace.
  4. Complete the structured journal over eight weeks
  5. Revel in your new and improved habits, and consider the next habit you want to change.

Additional Content

Its not just the handbook and structured journal. There is also the following additional content to support your habit changing process.

Video Series

  • Hello and Welcome
  • Habits – What, Why, How, etc.
  • Primary Habits
  • Goals, The changing of habits
  • The Habit Triangle
  • Right Mind and Belief
  • Communication and Habits
  • Starting the Journey


  • Eight weeks of follow-ups
  • Membership of the habit changer online community
  • Attendance at future workshops and meetings on a pay-as-you-go basis

Ready to Change your Habits?

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