Stop Procrastinating


An easy-read guide to changing your procrastination habits permanently.

Authors: Richard Winterbourne & Daniel Carey
Price: £11.99

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How to stop procrastinating by changing your habits

This is our generic easy-read guide to changing your procrastinating habits permanently.

This guide has been specifically written and designed using proven therapeutic techniques and harnessing the well-documented benefit of reflections and journaling to create a permanent change in your habits. The very process of working through this guide enables you to first understand what habits are before helping you break down those habits you want to change and rebuilding replacement positive habits to help you get to who and where you want to be.

The contents of this guide include a number of chapters, real-life case studies, articles and resources.

  • Chapters
    • Introduction by Hardy and Alice, our cartoon characters
    • Realising why you want to stop procrastinating
    • Understanding what a habit is and why we have them.
    • What is a negative habit and what feeds them
    • The process of creating good habits with what builds them
    • Setting goals that you will achieve
    • Being SMART about your goals
    • The Habit Triangle
    • Intellect and not emotion
    • Focusing, Belief & Gratitude
    • Choosing to Win or Lose, Succeed or Fail
    • Thinking and Communication
    • The Parent-Adult-Child Model
    • Being accountable to your future self
    • Putting it all together
  • Case studies, Stories Appendices & Articles
    around procrastination and how to stop procrastinating permanently

Authors: Richard Winterbourne & Daniel Carey
Price: £11.99

Buy safely on the Amazon Bookstore


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