Habit Changer (Original)


The Habit Changer

Our interactive and effective Habit Changer consists of:

  • a hard copy guiding handbook *
  • a 56 day structured journal

* This is a combined handbook and structured journal that is posted to you, with your login and instructions, once we have received your order.


The Original Habit Changer

Our interactive and effective ‘Habit Changer’ is a combined hard copy handbook, 56 days of planned and structured written journal-based progression, a series of supporting videos plus additional online support.

It has been specifically written and designed using proven therapeutic techniques and harnessing the well-documented benefit of journaling to manufacture habit change.

The very process of working through this course creates a daily victory that feeds your self-confidence.

Each day you can see your own progress, each week another goal is achieved and you can see and feel the changes in you happening.


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