Small habits that require little or no talent

Small habits that require little or no talent but collectively add up to making a huge difference to yourself, what you want to do and where you want to be:

  • being on time and not keeping others waiting
  • being mindful and considerate of others
  • putting in a little extra effort, going the extra mile
  • being more energetic
  • being interested in something
  • being passionate about what you do
  • doing that little bit extra
  • having a good work ethic, take pride in what you do
  • being grateful and showing that gratitude
  • being positive about yourself and what you want to do
  • being curious about things and wanting to know more
  • preparing yourself or for events in advance

We hope these have given you something to think about.

Have we missed anything?
Please feel free to add to the comments below.


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