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What is Habit Changer Plus?
Habit Changer Plus is a hard copy explanatory Handbook, a Structured Journal, A set of helpful guidance videos, encouraging follow-ups and membership of the online forum and community.

How does it work?
With the handbook and videos you first learn and understand what habits are, how they work, and how to change them. Then using a simple process that has been tested and proven over and over again, you use the guide, journal and other helpful resources to decide what habit you want to change, break down the reasons that your habits exists, and then permanently changing those habits into positive helpful ones quickly.

What will it do for me?
This is not just about correcting bad habits, its also about getting even more out of your already good habits. Your reasons for changing your habits are yours. You might want to:

lose weight permanently - maintain it
become more effective, more productive, get more stuff done and be better at work or business
be better at time management to give you more time on things you prefer to spend time on
become more self confident, more social, more engaging, better at communicating...

Its up to you, whatever habits you want to change to change your life for the better, permanently, one habit after the other


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