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The Habit Changer is a combined personal handbook and structured journal, plus optional online content which collectively give you a step-by-step route to permanent habit change.

- understand why we have habits
- learn how to change them
- a simple daily routine
- proven to work
- builds your self-belief
- creates self-esteem

The Habit Changing Handbooks

The Habit Changing Handbooks are a series of guides based on the original generic Habit Changer Journal.

Each title is a version aimed at specific situations that you might want to address permanently, whether that's being more efficient and productive when working from home, losing weight, having more time to do what you want to do, etc.

The current titles are: "The Easy Read Guide To Changing Your Habits...

- Permanently"
- And Stop Procrastinating"
- For Better Time Management"
- For Working From Home"

- Around Weight Loss"

These new guides will be available for £11.99 each on the Amazon Bookstore from 1st November 2018

Handbook, Journal & Additional Videos

In the first part, we explain and illustrate using the book, and optional supporting online videos...

  • habits and behaviours, what they are, how they work, and their implications
  • the benefits of journaling the change in your habits
  • why this combined toolkit it is so effective in unblocking habits that are holding you back

The Power of Structured Journaling

The second part of the process takes you by the hand, week by week through;

  • 56 days of structured journaling pages,
  • summaries and checklists for you to complete and reflect upon
  • identifying and accepting your negative habits,
  • understanding and finally changing them

Your journey to permanent change

This process is

  • specifically written for habit change
  • designed using proven therapeutic techniques
  • harnessing the well-documented benefit of journaling to manufacture habit change.

Simply put this is a practical, no-frills exercise in habit change, converting those bad habits holding you back, into good habits which help you get to who and where you want to be - permanently.

A toolkit for creating good positive habits

It’s not just about correcting bad habits, this also helps you to create new positive habits as well.

  • A visual toolkit for change
  • A clear step by step route to self-improvement
  • Creates an expectation of success and completion
  • practical examples, advice and learning over and above that already contained in the habit changing handbook & journal.


"I'm excited to get this home and share it with some friends who are needing some support with life." "I know it works and can highly recommend" CP Scotland

"Working from home I found every way I could to distract myself rather than work. The Habit Changer helped me realise what I was doing and how to change it. I have not looked back since..." MD Dorset

"I didn't realise how many negative habits I had and how they stopped me moving forward, I loved working through the Habit Changer, it is comprehensive and easy to use and it works, full marks, excellent!" TW Bournemouth

"This isn't an empty journal, it's actually 56 days of well laid out pages to complete once you finish the handbook and guide at the beginning. It's enlightening to understand and now improve my "bad" habits one at a time." JC Bournemouth

Ready to Change your Habits?

Capitalise on your good habits and improve the bad ones. Turn your habits and behaviours to your advantage.